Montreal – Lunch et Livres

I’ll be reading with Jan Wong and Andrew Piper Saturday, Oct. 19, at the McGill Bookstore.

Fun fact: As an undergrad, I worked in the Bookstore basement, sticking bar codes on books and boxing returns. I was possibly a bad employee, easily distracted by books. But I did get really strong arms from unloading shipments.

Sat. Oct. 19, 12-2:30
McGill University Bookstore
More details here.

Everybody Has Everything Nominated for Toronto Book Award

When the news got out that Everybody Has Everything is shortlisted for the City of Toronto Book Award, I was in Vancouver, which felt a little like a rule violation. But the book appears to be on the list still, so all is well.

Really interesting company: poetry, photography, memoir, one other novel. Curious to see how we all synthesize the city.

Read about it here.

Short story in Five Chapters

A new short story of mine, People Not Born Yet Will LIve in This House, is being published this week in the on-line literary journal Five Chapters. This is one of my favourite places for new voices in fiction, and I’m very excited to have elbowed my way in.

Because it’s a holiday week, my piece is actually only four chapters, but rather than changing the name of magazine, they’ll run it in four parts, starting today. Please tune in!

It begins here.

Everybody Has Everything — Now Available in the US

Today is the official American “pub day” for Everybody Has Everything. This is thrilling, daunting, and humbling. I shall now watch my book toddle away from me. Wish it well.

I’m still new enough at this to get giddy when the box of books arrives. It means the thing actually exists (I’m fairly sure). Here’s a photo of the box that landed on my doorstep last week, along with one copy of the Dutch edition. So many vowels! I love this cover, and am so curious about this kid.

Now to celebrate a big day with a giant coffee and more deadlines. Glamourous life of the writer.

Thanks for all the support, Grand Central.

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Luminato Literary Picnic — Saturday, June 22

This should be fun: 100 fabulous authors reading & talking about “beginnings” for 10 minutes each, on 3 stages, in my beloved Trinity Bellwoods Park (I like an event that’s one block from my house). I’ll be there at 1:10, Stage 3, and then available backstage for one-on-ones on my very own picnic blanket. For the love of God, don’t leave me sitting alone on this picnic blanket. Please come say hi.

More details and a list of writers here.